Cannabis for Cancer (Lung)

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Historically, lung cancer was a rare diagnosis until many new factors were introduced into society.

These factors include the advent of the industrial revolution, the introduction of cigarettes (tobacco smoke and second-hand smoke are recognized as the major cause for developing lung cancer), increasing levels of air pollution (e.g., exhaust, asbestos, coal dust, soot), and the cumulative damage of ionizing radiation (x-rays).

Lung cancer is now the number-one occurring cancer and the leading fatal cancer in the world.

Ratings for Cannabis and Cancer (Lung)

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Possibility of efficacy for cannabis in treatment of cancer (lung).
Based on 13 Studies from 1975 - 2014

Studies on Cannabis and Cancer (Lung)

Study Name, Description & Year


COX-2 And PPAR-γ Confer Cannabidiol-induced Apoptosis Of Human Lung Cancer Cells
Laboratory Study, 401 HIV- and HHV-8-coinfected homosexual men — 2013


Antineoplastic Activity Of Cannabinoids
Animal tests (mice) — 1975