How is Cannabis Reports different from other cannabis sites?

"Cannabis Reports is the ultimate search engine for cannabis information. Everyone deserves a personal cannabis guide that helps track reactions to different cannabis genetics. Once you begin to build up your genetic profile, Cannabis Reports can recommend strains and products based on your past experiences.

No other platform offers a space for cannabis consumers, producers, and dispensaries to engage in unbiased cannabis conversation. There are no advertisements. No product or strain gets priority. Cannabis Reports exists for the cannabis community, Cannabis Reporters world-wide, and giving cannabis the legitimate conversation it deserves.

Cannabis Reports provides tools for both Cannabis Reporters and cannabis businesses. Cannabis consumers get to explore and contribute to the world's largest cannabis database. The cannabis community has earned the ability to browse local cannabis by genetic lineage (strains), form (edibles, extracts, products), and company (dispensary, producer). By linking the items on dispensary shelves to a database of genetics and brands, Cannabis Reports provides you with a personalized guide to the cannabis around you.

Cannabis Reports offers cannabis businesses the ability to display accurate information about their products and strains. Producers are given a space to expose their products to the community and dispensaries have the ability to easily update the items on their shelves, linking to the producer, the lineage, and patients in the neighborhood.

Exploring your bond with cannabis is a very personal journey. Cannabis Reports is the platform where the community can begin a legitimate discussion of cannabis culture in a safe and secure space. Consistent and accurate cannabis information is necessary for substantial communication between you and cannabis businesses. Cannabis Reports will continue to provide the tools that the cannabis community needs to cultivate the special relationship between humans and cannabis."