Cannabis Types and Consumption

Frequently Asked Questions for Cannabis Types and Consumption

What part of the cannabis plant is used to make kief?

"Kief is the accumulation of trichomes (cannabinoid "crystals") that originate from directly handling the cannabis flowers. The kief that is sold in d ... "

What is water hash?

"Water hash is similar to hash, although considered to be of higher quality due to the complexity of the extraction process. Water hash (also labeled ... "

Where does hash come from on the cannabis plant?

"Hash is a common form of cannabis concentrate produced all over the world. There are many different names and methods of creation depending on where ... "

What is a cannabis product?

"Every item available in dispensaries can be considered a cannabis product. Cannabis Reports classifies cannabis products as items that do not fit int ... "

What are the different forms of cannabis available in my area?

"There are many different types of cannabis. Cannabis Reports lists four different categories: strains, edibles, extracts, and products. Each form i ... "