Your Cannabis Reports Account

Frequently Asked Questions for Your Cannabis Reports Account

How do I add items to my Wish List?

"Your Cannabis Reports account has a built-in Wish List feature that allows you to stay connected with products you love. Here's how it works: In o ... "

How much does a Cannabis Reports account cost?

"Personal Cannabis Reports accounts are completely free. When you become a Cannabis Reporter, you have access to the entire list of strains and produc ... "

How do I access my Genetic Profile on Cannabis Reports?

"In order to explore the cannabis community with your Genetic Profile, you will first need to create a personal Cannabis Reports account and begin to ... "

What is a personal Genetic Profile for cannabis?

"Cannabis Reports allows users to build a personal genetic profile for cannabis. Every person has an endocannabinoid system that responds to differe ... "

How does the Cannabis Reports cannabis recommendation engine work?

"The Cannabis Reports recommendation engine is the most advanced tool for finding you products that meet your specific needs! Once you create an ... "

Do I need to submit a photo of cannabis with each Report?

"You do not need to submit a photo to fill out a Cannabis Report or a Product Report. Building up your photo section will allow you to compare strains ... "

Why am I having trouble submitting a Cannabis Report?

"We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues submitting a Report. To best resolve these types of issues, please help our technical support ... "

How do I change my location settings to find cannabis in my community?

"You can update your location in the Settings portion of your account toolbar. You can then press the 'Locate' button to pinpoint your precise locatio ... "

How do I change my profile picture on Cannabis Reports?

"You do need to have a Cannabis Reports account in order to upload and change your Profile Picture. In the Profile section of your account toolbar, cl ... "

Do you sell any of my information?

"Cannabis Reports will never sell your information. Your privacy is important, both online and on the street. Please take a moment to read our Priva ... "

Where do I begin exploring the Cannabis Reports cannabis database?

"The first step in taking full advantage of the Cannabis Reports platform is to create an account! Once you have an account, every Cannabis Report o ... "

Can I anonymously browse Cannabis Reports and leave feedback without risking my privacy?

"Cannabis Reports exists to make your search for the perfect cannabis more enjoyable. We understand that your comfort in privacy is extremely import ... "

Why am I unable to log into my Cannabis Reports account?

"We are so sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues accessing your Cannabis Reports account. You can request a password reset sent to the email ... "