How do I access my Genetic Profile on Cannabis Reports?

"In order to explore the cannabis community with your Genetic Profile, you will first need to create a personal Cannabis Reports account and begin to fill out Cannabis Reports from your experiences with cannabis.

Once you have filled out just a handful of Reports on strains, concentrates and other products, you can begin searching for new strains through your Genetic Profile, found in the Profile section of your account toolbar. You can then organize the information based on your experiences with past genetics. For example, if you report having a very uplifting experience with Thai genetics, you will probably see a lot of strains from the Thai landrace when you search for 'creativity' and 'euphoria.'

You can explore for flavor (spicy, sour, earthy, fruity, sweet), effect (appetite, euphoria, creativity, calming, pain relief), and even the number of times you have personally experienced similar genetics. You can also search to avoid products that are related to strains that may cause you dry mouth or anxiety.

If you have any problems with your Genetic Profile, please send our support team a message through our Contact page."